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Rocked by the Waters
ed. Hasse & Kildegaard
978-1-947237-26-1 / $19.95

Rocked by the Waters offers 136 poems by a diverse group of writers, all of them mothers, from Minnesota and across the country. Camille T. Dungy, Heid E. Erdrich, Brenda Hillman, Deborah Keenan, Leslie Adrienne Miller, and Connie Wanek are among the contributors. Editors Margaret Hasse and Athena Kildegaard have chosen poems that explore many aspects of motherhood––conception, birth, adoption, the joys and challenges of raising children, loss, and relationships with adult offspring. As the editors remark in their introduction, it’s “a labor of love, born of delights and upheavals, conceived to widen the way for more poems of motherhood.”

From the Flutes of Our Bones
Mary Moore Easter
978-1-947237-30-8 / $17

In her new collection, Mary Moore Easter opens the door on black worlds, adjusting her register to the mood and subject at hand. In some poems she reacts with fury to the American political system, while in others she reflects on the richness of her heritage and depicts episodes in a life punctuated by personal loss and sustained by the renewal of love. Whether the mood is pensive, exuberant, or outraged, Easter’s poems offer us glimpses of black culture burnished with a fresh eye, replacing time-worn stereotypes with lived experience, wit, and craft.

Now I Live Among Old Trees
Norita Dittberner-Jax
978-1-947237-28-5 / $17

In this, her sixth collection of poems, Norita Dittberner-Jax writes of coming to grips with her beloved husband’s last years with ALS and her own diagnosis of cancer. One dies and one lives. In the aftermath, an unfamiliar landscape of solitude. She addresses her absent spouse in many of the poems, talking directly to him, remembering a detail of gardening or table-setting, each quotidian experience a sorrow, but also a courageous sense of affirmation.

What Trees Know
Emilio DeGrazia
978-1-947237-27-8 / $17.00

The poems gathered in Emilio DeGrazia’s latest collection, What Trees Know, take for their subject not only what trees “know” but what they are, how we think about them, and how their quiet presence affects our lives. Such a focus may seem unpromising, but DeGrazia spins a diverse and remarkable array of verses from this common root, trunk, and leaf. Part of the appeal lies in the arboreal “stuff” involved, but no less important are the whimsy, penetration, and verbal dexterity with which DeGrazia plies his craft.


Sitting on Lawn Chairs After a Complicated Day
Marg Walker
978-1-947237-25-4 / $17

In her debut collection, Marg Walker offers us the fruits of several decades of experience, growth, and reflection.Through narratives and laments, portraits of friends, and meditations on family, loss, resilience, and the solace of the natural world, Walker implicitly underscores the benefits of moving beyond our sureties and comforts to give life everything we’ve got. How else are we going to claim ourselves fully?

Tucker Lake Chronicle
Joan Crosby
978-1-947237-17-9 / $19.95 pb

Fifty years ago, Joan Crosby and her husband, Dick, moved from the Minneapolis suburbs to spend a winter on the outskirts of the BWCAW in a primitive one-room cabin without road access or modern conveniences. She baked pies in a Dutch oven while Dick kept the woodpile topped up. They heard the wolves howl and the loons call, and watched the seasons change. Visits to new-found friends at nearby lodges and wildlife adventures stirred up by their malamute, Nooky, punctuated days that were more often filled with household chores and pine-scented lakeside reveries.

Dear Descendent
Carol Masters
978-1-947237-21-6 / $17.00 pb

In Dear Descendent, Carol Masters draws upon her life as an activist and her love of the natural world to fashion thoughtful overlays and wry juxtapositions that can delight the senses or prick the conscience—often both. There are prison cells and fields of flowers; even her descriptions of the moon bring something new and evocative to its age-old countenance. A master of metaphor, Masters doesn’t shy away from an occasional grand (and whimsical) metaphysical statement. Topping it all off is a surreal and sometimes almost crazy freedom in the use of images.

Crackerjack Bands and Hometown Boosters
Joy Riggs
978-1-947237-22-3 / $19.95

During the early years of the twentieth century, community bands were as important to mid-sized towns as professional sports teams are to large cities today. Here Joy Riggs explores the life and achievements of one of the best—her great-grandfather, G. Oliver Riggs, who founded and directed bands in Crookston, Bemidji, and other Minnesota towns. It’s a story about civic pride, community participation, and the power of music to transform lives and connect people across generations.

Jon Hassler - Voice of the Heartland
Ed Block
978-1-947237-19-3 / $19.95

Jon Hassler was one of the most beloved writers to come out of Minnesota in the twentieth century. Here author Ed Block gives us the first book-length study of his life and work. Block recounts Hassler’s Catholic education and goes on to describe his career as a teacher. The remaining chapters focus on the novels and short stories Hassler crafted from these experiences. Novelist Larry Watson observes that this study “should go a long way toward bringing Hassler’s fiction the attention and respect it deserves.”

Measure Their Feet – The Story of Schuler Shoes
John Schuler
978-1-947237-18-6 / $19.95 pb

Schuler Shoes, the oldest family-owned and operated shoe retailer west of the Mississippi, is a surprising success story. Now one of the top independent shoe retailers in the country, it recovered from near bankruptcy to thrive during an era when most independent shoe retailers went out of business. This is the story of the man who built that business. During his long career John Schuler has opened and closed stores, battled cancer and drug addiction, and developed an abiding religious faith that has guided him in creating a network of loyal employees and customers and also a number of charitable initiatives.

A Lifetime of Luck and Pluck
Bette Hammel
978-1-947237-15-5 / $16.95

At the age of 92, Bette Hammel looks back at a life rich with humorous incidents and meaningful encounters, capturing the flavor of the post-war advertising world and the excitement of modern architectural design. She discusses how meeting and marrying architect Richard Hammel changed her life, and touches on the strokes of luck that helped her inveigle her way into Grace Kelly’s wedding with the Prince of Monaco in 1956. Of equal interest are Bette’s adventures in the Betty Crocker kitchens, her weekend producing a TV ad on the North Dakota prairies, the pleasures and challenges of raising her daughter, Susan, becoming a grandmother, and sailing with friends along the Dalmatian Coast.

A People's History of the Seward Neighborhood
ed. Epstein, Matheny, Musser
978-1-947237-07-0 / $27.50

The Seward neighborhood in South Minneapolis has long been known for its liberal politics and community activism. It has been home to railroad porters and socialist agitators, state governors and hippy bicycle mechanics, state-of-the-art recording studios and dairy co-ops with links to the Scandinavian tradition. The essays collected here, written by Seward residents and often based on oral histories, tell the stories of the men and women who followed Dakota trails from Fort Snelling to the Falls of St. Anthony, attended the State Fair during the years it was held in Seward, worshipped at local churches of several faiths and denominations, worked in the local rail yards or at Minneapolis Moline, and swapped stories after work in the bars of the Hub of Hell.

Don Fraser: Minnesota's Quiet Crusader
Iric Nathanson
978-1-947237-02-5 / $19.95

Historian Iric Nathanson examines the life and career of one of Minnesota's  most beloved and influential statesmen. As a Minnesota state senator, U.S. congressman, and Minneapolis mayor,  Don Fraser was deeply involved in the key issues of his era, including the civil rights struggle, the war in Viet Nam, and the efforts to combat urban poverty. Through his nearly 40 years in public office, he won the respect of both his constituents, who returned him to office time and again, and also of those who may have disagreed with his progressive approach to public policy but admired his personal honesty and integrity.



Head of the Lakes
Anthony Bukoski
978-1-947237-06-3 / $19.95

Bukoski does for Superior’s East End what Raymond Carver did for the down-and-out of the Pacific Northwest or Pete Hamill did with the Irish in New York. He’s brought back to life Superior’s Polish Americans and the blue-collar community from its boom days in the post-World War II era to its decline and near disappearance in recent times.

Stars Above, Stars Below
Margaret Hasse
978-1-947237-05-6 / $17

This reissue of Stars Above, Stars Below, originally published in 1984, will reacquaint readers with the early work of Margaret Hasse, one of that remarkable generation of women poets who came of age in the 1970s. Readers approaching her work for the first time are in for a treat, while those who are familiar with her more recent books may recognize some of the same themes: delight in sensual experience, understanding of life’s fragility, appreciation for the largess of memory, and rapt engagement with the natural world, especially the prairies and lakes of the Midwest.

The Promised Land
Philip Bryant
978-1-947237-14-8 / $17

Here the urban hum of Chicago's South Side meets the pastoral beauty of small-town Minnesota life--and also its long, lonely winters. Sounds and smells from the Deep South permeate the snowbanks, and the dazzling riffs of Coltrane and Bird brighten the gray November skies. The rhythms are musical and the playful street talk cannot disguise the fact that we're in the presence of an sober-eyed romantic who uses the cadences of the blues to summon the beauty at the core of this often harsh world we live in.

Nordic Accordion - Poems in a Scandinavian Mood
Bart Sutter
978-1-947237-04-9 / $19.95

In his earliest years, the author heard people talk Norwegian in farm kitchens and on the streets in town, and there were Finns, Danes, and Icelanders in the neighborhood, too. The music of these Nordic languages got inside Sutter’s head; he also inherited the homesickness of old-timers who spoke about a legendary land they called The Old Country. In Nordic Accordion Sutter fulfills the covenant he made with his elders long ago—to dramatize, critique, and honor their struggles, their culture, their peculiar ways. The book explores the experience of Scandinavian immigrants, their ancestors, and their descendants. 

Threshold - New and Selected Poems
Cary Waterman
978-1-947237-10-0 / $17.00

The stages in Cary Waterman’s career as a poet and teacher have been marked by the publication of a succession of fine collections dating back to 1975. She has now gathered together the best individual poems from each of these books, along with a robust sampling of her recent work, into one attractive volume. We meet up with a tension between the wild and the domestic again and again, from a graphic scene of butchering pigs to, decades later, a lengthy poem sequence recounting Persephone’s descent into the underworld. There are moments to set the reader on edge—a marriage blender set on chip—and plenty of quiet moments, too, and spots of sheer silliness. Making elderberry jam becomes both a heroic and an erotic experience, an acupuncture treatment is transformed into a spiritual ordeal.  

The Road by Heart - Poems of Fatherhood
ed. Greg Watson and Richard Broderick
978-1-947237-09-4 / $19.95

There are numerous books in print about parenting and family development, but few like this one, in which fathers offer their own accounts of being fathers from a startling variety of perspectives. Editors Greg Watson and Richard Broderick have masterfully gathered poignant, first-hand accounts of moments in a father’s life from teething to burying; reflective poems describing the arc of fatherhood; accounts of insight, struggle, grief and delight gained while being a father; and epiphanies that occur only to parents.

Crossing the Waters
Norita Dittberner-Jax
/ $17

Norita Dittberner-Jax’s new collection, Crossing the Waters, chronicles the daily triumphs and setbacks, fears and recollections, that arose when her husband, Gene, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Her first response is a shock so deep / the dreaming shut down…” But the poet, adept at exploring the range of emotions from wistfulness and joy to panic and desperation, regains her bearings to capture details of the roller-coaster days and weeks following the diagnosis. Taken out of context, many of the poems could stand alone as reflections of lost love, memories of excursions shared, and praise for a fleeting moment of laughter or glancing sunlight. Yet other details return our attention repeatedly to our heartbreaking role as witnesses of a loved one’s decline.

Michael Dennis Browne
978-1-947237-00-1 / $16

Michael Dennis Browne has gathered together short poems from every phase of his long career into chapters focusing on childhood, nature, private anxieties and irrationalities, extended family, and other themes variously spacious and personal. Some have the ring of nursery rhymes, others the melancholy lilt of an elegy, the blunt force of an occasional poem by Yeats, or the enigmatic resonance of a  passage from scripture.

little eternities
Sharon Chmielarz
/ $16

The poet muses on history, memory, language, lost love, and the rain on the roof in this very personal collection. It's chock full of humor and subtle charm, eliciting comparisons to both the brilliant wordplay of Marianne Moore and the subtle metaphysics of Wisława Szymborska.  Humor abounds in poems such as “Size,” which describes the world inhabited by a woman who wears a size 0 dress, and a series of reflections about a Halloween pumpkin containing the line "Humans want their gods to look like them / and lead them through the dark."


Taking Sides with the Sun
Dale R. Schwie
978-1-935666-96-7 / $29.95 (hc)

The author tells the story of Herbert W. Gleason, who abandoned a career as a Congregational minister in midlife and went on to become one of the most distinguished landscape photographers of his age. He took many photographs of Yosemite, Zion, and other parks for the National Park Service, roaming the Sierras with John Muir and Stephen Mather. But at the core of Gleason’s achievement lies a series of photographs he took over a period of nearly forty years that document the places Henry David Thoreau visited and referred to in his voluminous writings. The book is thick with Gleason's photos and also contains an extensive bibliography.

Nature at Our Doorstep
Matt Schuth
978-1-935666-97-4 $19.95

Naturalist Matt Schuth grew up on a farm near Wabasha, Minnesota, and has worked in various capacities at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum since 1982. Here he draws upon a lifetime of experience in providing solid information about birds, trees, insects and other aspects of the natural world, enlivened by personal experience, homespun humor, myth and folklore, and deep respect for the rural past. Reading the book is like going on a walk with a friend who happens to be an expert observer of the natural world.Read a Star-Tribune piece about Matt here.
All the Things You Are - Essays
John Toren
978-1-935666-94-3 $16.95

In this, his third essay collection, the author explores the subtleties of pre-dawn light, the art of conversation, the allure of half-forgotten childhood memories, the anxieties and satisfactions of singing in a choir,and the musicality (and irregularity) of personal life through the medium of popular ballads of the Big Band era. Arranged by mood--lyrics, antics, reveries--these essays possess an ebullient energy compounded by the author’s breezy, conversational approach to his chosen themes. 

Honoring Those Who Honor
Jim Hoey
978-1-947237-01-8 / $19.95

In this stirring book, author Jim Hoey seeks to honor the men and women of the Fort Snelling Memorial Rifle Squad, an all-volunteer group that offers a final burial tribute to military veterans. He allows them to tell their personal stories and describe the experiences that underlie their compelling need to give back in this way to other veterans who have served their country.


The Little One Behind the Badge
Jenny Swartout
978-1-935666-95-0 / $7.99

A young boy has been told that his father is a hero, that he protects others, keeps people safe, and is kind to everyone in town. But he learns more about the hazards police officers face on the night his dad's partner doesn't come home to his family.

Between Us
Margaret Hasse
978-1-935666-91-2 / $17

The themes in Margaret Hasse’s new collection range from European travel to reconnecting with distant friends, from knitting to learning to ride a bike. Always thoughtful, un-labored, fresh, her images stir and occasionally provoke us to share affections and antipathies as they come to life on the printed page.

The Moment’s Only Moment
Emilie Buchwald
978-1-935666-90-5 / $17

Emilie Buchwald, a lively presence on the literary scene since she cofounded the literary journal Milkweed Chronicle in 1980, reveals another side of her talent in this new collection of poems, which illuminate the everyday, interrogate personal history, and evoke the essence of places traveled and people encountered, remembered, cherished.

It Starts with Hope
ed. Betsy Bowen and Ted Bowman
100 pp, 6 x 9, full color

978-1-935666-89-9 / $19.95

The Center for Victims of TortureTM (CVT) is a nongovernmental organization based in St. Paul, Minnesota. It extends multidisciplinary rehabilitative care to torture survivors every day in locations around the world. In honor of its thirtieth anniversary, CVT asked individuals to share what hope means to them on a Tumblr webpage. People sent original photos, poems, and messages of hope from every part of the world, the best of which have been reproduced in the pages of this inspiring book.

Creating a Real School
Pat and Larry Schafer with Lori Sturdevant
978-1-935666-88-2 / $25.00

Lake Country School of Minneapolis has won widespread acclaim for excellence over many decades. This book describes how two dedicated individuals, Larry and Pat Schaefer, along with a talented group of colleagues and the hearty support of countless families, parents, and children, laid the foundations and nurtured the community on which that achievement rests.
Raising Twins
Freya Manfred
978-1-935666-77-6 / $19.95

Raising twins is a “true life” adventure, as this lively narrative by poet Freya Manfred makes clear. Full of good advice and timeless anecdotes, it will fascinate the parents of twins and make other readers wish they’d had a set themselves.

IKE : Minnesota Hockey Icon
Jim Hoey
978-1-935666-84-4 / $19.95

One of the legendary figures in Minnesota hockey history, Eveleth native Willard Ikola joins with local author Jim Hoey to tell the story of his many decades in the game. He won three state titles in high school as an all-tournament goalie for Eveleth and two NCAA titles with the Michigan Wolverines. After helping the U.S. take the silver medal in the 1956 Olympics, “Ike”became a coaching legend in thirty-three spectacular years at Edina High School. He was noted for his record eight state titles with the Hornets, and became beloved for his modesty, class, and integrity.

Puck Heaven: Minnesota State Boys Hockey Tournament Trivia
Jim Hoey
6x9, $19.95, pb
224 pp

In this newly-revised and expanded edition, author Jim Hoey explores the fascinating world of the Minnesota state high school hockey—its rivalries, heroic come-backs, glaring disappointments, injuries, winning streaks, and remarkable feats of individual athleticism.

Chester Creek Ravine
Bart Sutter
ISBN: 978-1-935666-75-2
84 pages, $16.00

The 150 haiku contained in this book—tiny poems with large implications—conjure those revelatory moments alongside Chester Creek, a stream that drops dramatically through the city of Duluth on its final run to Lake Superior. Sutter honors the haiku tradition by sticking close to the classical form, alluding to the seasons, and choosing subjects from the natural world, but his haiku are fully contemporary and include surprises, too, while his subtle use of rhyme helps rivet these impressions in the reader’s mind.

What to Pray For
118 pages, $16.00

In this new collection, Michael Kiesow Moore brings imagination and insight to subjects drawn from personal history and cultural experiences ranging from cooking to dance, myth, and music. Childhood traumas and the persecution of those who are “different” provide the subtext for poems of sometimes surprising whimsy and freshness. Homey images sit side by side with scenes of angelic splendor, and compassion for troubled souls spurs theological reflections buoyed less by logic than passionate imagery.

All the World at Once
New and Selected Poems
108 pages, $16.00

Greg Watson’s poetry carries an everyday eloquence that harbors elements of mystery as images and thoughts develop with even-tempered grace. He is a master at evoking the silences that grow between lovers, the emotional undertow of gentle rain, the allure of shadows, and the bitter-sweet power of memories and mute artifacts to keep us chained to the past.

Minnesota Twins Through Memorabilia
Thornley/Doepner/ Stebbins
12 x 12, 96 pages, $19.95

The sights, sounds, and smells of the ballpark come alive as the Twin’ story is told through brief essays accompanied by 200 color photos of the pennants, jerseys, championship rings, gloves, signed baseballs, ticket stubs, and other pieces of memorabilia the text describes. The book covers the period before the Twins arrived in Minnesota, of town ball, minor league teams, barnstorming tours, World Series appearances, and individual milestones.

Seventy-five Years of the Minneapolis Aquatennial
Pam Albinson
978-1-935666-66-0, $19.95
9.5 x 8.25 (landscape), 168 pages

This book, illustrated with more than 300 photographs, chronicles the history of "America's Summer Festival," describing the myriad activities associated with it, including rodeos, celebrity appearances, parades, athletic competitions, air shows, art fairs, a week-long series of swimming and diving performances called the Aqua Follies, and the ever-popular Queen of the Lakes Coronation.

Normandale Japanese Garden
Dave Kenney
full color, 9.75 by 11.25 (hardcover), 96 pages, $29.95

Dave Kenney tells a story of tireless determination, creative daring, community involvement, technical expertise, and artistic vision as the labor and insights of the Bloomington Garden Club,with the help of local contractors, truck drivers, engineering firms, and other businesses, make the designs of an eminent Japanese landscape architect Takao Watanabe a reality.The garden's contemplative beauty can be felt in the lengthy visitor’s guide and in numerous photos, both modern and historic, that accompany the text.

Simon's Night & Simon's Night Journal
John Hassler (journal edited by Joe Plut)
6x9, 392 pp $19.95

In this Jon Hassler classic, Simon Shea, a retired professor of English at a small Minnesota college, has begun to forget things and also experiences a few dangerous lapses in judgment. He commits himself to a private rest home where his encounters with other residents are variously strange, comical, and frightening. This new edition is further enhanced by Joe Plut’s thoughtful introduction and the inclusion of Hassler’s own “Simon’s Night Journal,” which offers insights into the author’s thought processes during the novel’s long gestation period.

Generation of Wealth
Donald M. Hall
6 x 9, 36 pages, $19.95

Hall tells the story of Control Data, which grew from a company without a product selling stock at $1 a share to a multinational firm going head-to-head with IBM while manufacturing the world’s fastest computers. William Norris, Seymour Cray, and Manny Villanova are just a few of the personalities involved in a surprising success story that primed the pump of local investment and facilitated the flowering of a medical device industry that continues to flourish in the state to this day.

Lucia Morning in Sweden
Ewa Rydaker
8.5 x 11, 36 pages, $8.99

The book tells the story of Sankta Lucia through the eyes of three children in modern-day Sweden. It describes their giddy activities, brought to life in colorful, full-page illustrations, and also provides sheet music, recipes, and sewing patterns for the costumes traditionally worn by children on this day, when many Swedish people celebrate the legacy of Lucia and the coming of the light with coffee, saffron buns, ginger snaps, and wonderful singing.

Salt Heart
Kate Dayton
6 x 9, 84 pages, $16

Ostensibly a book of poems about sailing, islands, oceans, and, yes, salt, Kate Dayton’s spare, and sometimes almost surreal imagery conjures the tissue of lives that continue in the midst of devastating losses. With a poet’s sensitivity to how language can touch inner and outer worlds simultaneously, Dayton delivers a powerful rendering of experience that’s as elemental as salt itself.

By the Way
John Toren
5½ x 8½, 290 pp, $19.95

Award-winning author John Toren offers an eclectic portrait of modern life in essays ranging in subject from kale soup to pre-Columbian astronomy, with stops along the way at a World Press conclave, a naturalists’ convention, a concert pianist’s master class, a bookseller trade show and a Louisiana crayfish festival. A paean to the French philosopher Denis Diderot is followed by a descriptive analysis of warehouse work. There’s something for everyone in this wide-ranging, thoughtful collection.

Minnesota's Outdoor Wonders
Jim Gilbert
10 x 8, full color, $19.95

Field biologist Jim Gilbert has taken a month-by-month approach to the Minnesota seasons, emphasizing the marvels that surround us at every turn of the earth’s yearly cycle. The break-up of the ice, the sound of summer frogs, the call of the loon, and the splendor of maples in autumn are only a few of the events that will thrill and inspire children and adults alike. Copiously illustrated with color photographs.

Sixteen Tales of Murder, Mayhem, and Malice
edited by the Minnesoa Crime Wave
6 x 9, 172 pp, $16.00

Following on the heels of their popular anthologies Silence of the Loons and Resort to Murder, the Minnesota Crime Wave (Carl Brookins, Ellen Hart, and William Kent Krueger) has assembled a new collection of stories set amid the lakes of woods of Minnesota. The authors include Lori Lake, Carl Brookins, Elizabeth Gunn, Ellen Hart, David Housewright, Jessica Lourey, Joel Arnold, Judith Borger, Lois Grieman, Marilyn Victor, Mary Logue, Pat Dennis, and Rich Thomas. The “local color” in this sparkling collection will challenge everything you thought you knew about "Minnesota Nice."

Exploring the Twin Cities with Children
Ninth edition, thoroughly revised and updated
Elizabeth French
6 x 9, $14.95, plastic comb binding
174 pages

This popular guide, thoroughly revised and updated, describes in detail a wealth of opportunities available to families and their children for outings at museums, parks, and shops throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Complete with entry fees, opening and closing times, discount opportunities. It also has a section on day trips to nearby attractions.

Cloves & Honey
Athena Kildegaard
6x9, 108 pp, $16.00

Cloves & Honey came about as the result of the author’s year-long discipline of writing a
single love poem every day—a daunting but also deeply satisfying project. The best of these poems, winnowed and reworked but as fresh as the day they were written, have been gathered here into a single volume that tracks the seasons, the various forms love can take, the ebb and flow of domestic affection, and a host of other themes captured in daily interactions with family, friends, and the surrounding countryside. In a time of anxiety and unrest, Cloves and Honey explores the mysterious power of love to heal, enliven, and inspire.

Emilio DeGrazia
6x9, 102 pp, $16.00

Emilio DeGrazia has written poetry of unusual liveliness and penetration throughout his career, and now the best of them have been brought within the covers of a book. Many of them reflect the author's Italian-American heritage, and quite a few offer seemingly spontaneous responses to everyday occurrences—his son's final at-bat at a baseball game, a wedding, a visit to an old folk's home. He can take us in a few lines from “the firmament aswirl with iron-cored galaxies” to “a kitchen sizzling with the fragrance of garlic in olive oil.”

Puck Heaven: Minnesota State Boys Hockey Tournament Trivia
Jim Hoey
6x9, $19.95, pb
224 pp

Jim Hoey, author of the best-selling Twins Trivia , explores the fascinating world of the Minnesota state high school hockey—its rivalries, heroic come-backs, glaring disappointments, injuries, winning streaks, and remarkable feats of individual athleticism.

Book of Fire
Cary Waterman
6 x 9, $16.00 pb
96 pp

Cary Waterman writes about travel to Iceland, the myth of Persephone, the luxuriousness of the Minnesota seasons and the difficult realities of a nation at war. Her poems cut close to the heart and pulse with reverence for all life.

The Next Best Thing
Linda Back McKay
6 x 9, $16.00, pb,
96 pp

Traversing the landscapes of love, time, grief, humanity, and hope, the poems in this book offer a rollicking range of styles and tones from poignant lyricism to mordant prose, from somber honesty to wild speculation. McKay is a wife, mother, grandmother, author, poet, teaching artist, citizen, traveler, floor scrubber, motorcycle enthusiast, old soul and nature lover. (She can tap dance, too.)

The Pillsburys of Minnesota
Lori Sturdevant with George Pillsbury
6 x 9, 438 pp (hc)

Pillsbury is a household word in many parts of the world, but in Minnesota it carries a special ring. Here Star Tribune columnist Lori Sturdevant chronicles the family's pioneering role in making Minneapolis the milling capitol of the world. She explores the career of Minnesota governor “Honest John” Pillsbury, Alfred Pillsbury's impact on the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Philip's remarkable success at reviving a moribund milling giant, and George's efforts to fashion a more inclusive Republican Party.

What Music Remains
Greg Watson
6 x 9 78 pp
ISBN: 978-1-935666-21-9

In What Music Remains, Greg Watson chronicles moments of poignancy and loss, and helps readers discover what might be in the next room, transforming the domestic usual into the universal extraordinary. These poems begin in the silence of loss and disappointment, and moves toward music and light—“all that good blonde sunlight spilling / out onto the ground at once.”

More Bang for your Buck
Peter Heegaard
6 x 9, $19.95, pb
218 pages

Peter Heegaard describes how modern economic analysis can lead to wiser use of society's resources to better human lives. Drawing on a variety of national studies and think tank publications, he develops a convincing case for long-term investment in people's lives through neighborhood organizations, government aid programs, early-childhood education funding, and other means. The books should be of interest to legislators, community organizations, and fund managers alike.

Enduring Backlist

Nicollet Island
Christopher and Rushika Hage
8 x 8 240 pp
ISBN: 978-1-935666-03-5

Nicollet Island lies at the heart of old Minneapolis, and its buildings are steeped in history. Authors Christopher and Rushika Hage here tells the story of the island and its inhabitants from pioneer days to the Hippie era and on to the island's recent renaissance as part of the more widespread development of the Mississippi waterfront.

The Wind Blows, the Ice Breaks:
Poems of Loss and Renewal by Minnesota Poets
edited by Ted Bowman and Elizabeth Bourque Johnson
6 x 9 (pb) 208 pp $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-935666-00-4

This anthology contains a wide array of poems by Minnesota poets dealing with the experience of personal loss, grief, and recovery. Among the specific themes are divorce, the death of a child, and giving up a child for adoption. The selections also include moving descriptions of healing and the return of high spirits. Among the poets included are Deborah Keenan, Wang Ping, John Berryman, James Wright, and Robert Bly.

And One Fine Morning
Nick Hayes
$24.95 (pb)

At the heart of And One Fine Morning lies the story of the heart attack, failed recovery, and death of Mark Hayes, the author’s father, in the mid-1950s, when he was at the height of his career as one of Minnesota’s most successful modernist architects. It's also a story of the “Minnesota Irish” who emigrated from Ireland during the Great Hunger, with the author’s family among them; of the family’s pioneer days on the North Dakota prairie, and the vibrant life of the Irish-American community they became a part of and helped to sustain on Minneapolis’s North Side in the early decades of twentieth century.

Minnesota Twins Trivia
1,061 Questions (and answers, too!)
Jim Hoey
$19.95 (pb)

Since they arrived in Minnesota in 1961, the Minnesota Twins have treated local baseball fans to decades of world-class play. Now, author Jim Hoey has brought together a remarkable collections of facts about the team, its players, their most thrilling victories and their crushing defeats. He’s arranged them into decades, All-Star appearances, statistical records, non-player personnel, post-season exploits, and other categories. How well do you know the Twins?

Conversations with Jon Hassler
Joseph Plut
$19.95 (pb)
release date: May 1, 2010

Jon Hassler developed a large following in the course of his writing career, and In the years preceding his death, his long-time friend Joe Plut interviewed him extensively about the origins, publication history, and themes associated with each of his nine novels; they discussed his agents and editors, his movie and TV deals and theatrical spin-offs. The result is a series of casual conversations offering food for thought to anyone interested in how a novelist handles his material, and even greater stimulation to fans who cherish North of Hope, The Love Hunter, Staggerford, or Simon’s Night among their favorite works of fiction.
Green Stamps to Hot Pants
Growing Up in the 50s and 60s

Genny Zak Kieley
$19.95 (pb) 192 pp
ISBN 978-1-932472-73-8
Intermixing social research and personal nostalgia, Genny Kieley creates a portrait of a simpler era, of ice-cream socials and twice-a-day newspaper delivery, sock hops and doo-wop music, first loves, first heartbreaks, and afternoon parties fueled by 45s. Cars had fins and television had just arrived.

The Seven States of Minnesota
John Toren
ISBN 978-1-932472-51-7 $19.95 (pb)
Revised edition, June, 2010

In this collection of driving tours, complete with maps and photographs, Toren explores Minnesota's exotic landscapes, taking us from the roadless splendor of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area to the majestic bluffs of the Mississippi Valley, and from the gaping mines of the Mesabi Iron Range to the quiet allure of the aspen parklands and the Coteau des Prairie, with plenty of insights and observations on the state's geography, history, and culture along the way.

Wild Rice for All Seasons Cookbook
Beth Anderson
180 pages (pb) / $12.95
ISBN:978- 1-932472-26-6

This classic, now in its 14th printing, takes us beyond soup and holiday stuffing to an entire new universe of tasy dishes featuring Minnesota’s home-grown grain. More than 150,000 copies now in print.

Grow it! Eat It!
Linda Larson /Jessica Allen Johnson / Arlene Gardinier
144 pages / $16.95

Linda Larson’s gardening book includes information about planting, harvesting and cooking a wide array of fruits and vegetables, with added sections on culinary and medicinal herbs and flowers. The volume is enhanced by brilliant photographs and lush pastel drawings of individual plants. Geared toward zones 3 and 4. Winner of the Ben Franklin Award / Best Gardening Book of 2005

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