Special Values


Grappling Glory
Ross Bernstein

ISBN 1-932472-31-2 $4.98 (pb)

Bernstein explores the world of Minnesota wrestling from the high school to the professional level, providing history, record-breaking feats, and colorful portaits of the bruisrs, the bad guys, and the artists of one of the state's most popular sports.

Legends & Legacies – Celebrating a Century of Minnesota Coaches
Ross Bernstein

ISBN: 1-932472-00-2 $4.98 (hb)

Minnesota's amazing sports history comes to life like never before in this new coffee table book by Ross Bernstein, the region's best selling sports author. After tackling football, basketball, hockey and baseball, Bernstein now celebrates Minnesota's greatest coaches. From high school to college and from the minors to the majors – it's all here! Bud Grant, Herb Brooks, Tom Kelly, John Gagliardi and many more legendary coaches dot the canvas of this epic tale!

Pigskin Pride—Celebrating a Century of Minnesota Football
Ross Bernstein

ISBN: 0-931714-87-7   $4.98

An entertaining and insightful collection of facts, stats and Minnesota traditions. Includes pro, semi-pro, college and high school teams. Some Gopher stars included are Verne Gagne, Tom Brown, Billy Bye and many many more! Over 450 photos and personal memories.

Hardwood Heros—Celebrating a Century of Minnesota Basketball
Ross Bernstein

ISBN: 0-931714-93-1  $4.98

Hundreds of wonderful stories along with countless personal memories and over 500 photos are interwoven in this tale of Minnesota basketball. Includes high school, college and pro teams, both boys and girls! Has in-depth research on players, traditions and coaches throughout the history of the game!

Frozen Memories—Celebrating a Century of Minnesota Hockey
Ross Bernstein

ISBN: 0-931714-82-6   $4.98

Best-selling comprehensive history of hockey in the state! More than 300 photos from high school, professional, senior and amateur teams, along with countless biographies and stories of their star players. Forward by Neal Broten and Afterword by Brett Hull. "If you enjoy reading about history, biographies, nostalgia and great, funny stories, then you'll love it..."

55 Years- 55 Heroes : A Celebration of Minnesota Sports
Ross Bernstein

ISBN 0-931714-98-2  $4.98

Minnesota's wonderful sports history comes vividly to life in 55 Years, 55 Heroes. Each year features a great moment in the world of Minnesota sports; that event is tied to an interview and a biography of a home-town or a home-grown hero. The subjects range from Minneapolis Laker glories to Gopher hockey triumphs, from the Vikings Purple People Eaters to the championship seasons of the Twins. Some accounts are inspirational, others are simply hilarious. With a forward by Bud Grant and an afterword by Kent Hrbek, the book is both entertaining and insightful.

Batter-Up!: Celebrating a Century of Minnesota Baseball
Ross Bernstein

ISBN: 0-931714-97-4   $ 4.98

Minnesota's incredible baseball history comes to life in Batter-Up! which features profiles and stories of literally hundreds of the era's greatest professional, minor league, amateur, collegiate, and high school players and teams. The Twins, the Saints, the Millers, the Gophers, and much more! Batter-Up! truly celebrates the sport, the life-style and the state of mind of baseball. With a forward by Harmon Killebrew and an afterward by Paul Molitor.

More Exciting Special Values

The Guthrie Theater
Peg Guilfoyle

$19.99 (was $37.95) ISBN 0-931714-48-6

A beautiful rendering in words and pictures of the Guthrie Theater, its history, its directors, its plays, and its inside stories.

26 Minnesota Writers
Edited by Emilio and Monica de Grazia

$4.98 (was $16.00)  ISBN 0-931714-91-5

Short-stories, reminiscences, personal reflections—this collection offers a variety of forms and persectives on themes ranging from childhood memories to rural life and travel. Much of it is personal, some carries a regional stamp, but the voices are invariably fresh, and the vision clear-sighted and original.

33 Minnesota Poets
Edited by Emilio and Monika de Grazia

$4.98 (was $16.00)  ISBN 0-931714-88-5

The poems in this anthology mirror the changing Minnesota seasons, and also the inner landscapes and reflections that—austere, colorful, luminous, or lush—will move and inspire all lovers of poetry. Some of the contributors are well-known, others are just starting out on the road, but they all have something subtle and distinctive to convey.

Edited by David Anderson, forward by Dave Moore.

$14.98 (was $29.95) ISBN 0-931714-83-4

A history of Downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul in the words of the people who lived it.

Gopher Sketchbook
By Al Papas, jr.

$.99 (was $11.95) ISBN 0-931714-41-9

Numerous drawings and thumbnail sketches of the great ones from the earliest days of U of M football to the present era.

Lessons on the Journey
By Dave Nimmer

$3.98 (was $17.95) 0-931714-72-9

Short stories by a former reporter and editor of the Minneapolis Star.

Cutting Across Time

$4.98 (was $29.95) ISBN 0-931714-84-2

This entertaining book recounts one chapter in the history of logging the forests of the North Shore of Lake Superior, and then rafting the timber across the lake to mills in Wisconsin.

Views From the Publishers Desk

$4.98 (was $25.00)   ISBN 0-931714-73-7

A collection of penetrating editorials written by former Governor Elmer Andersen during his tenure as publisher of the Princeton Union-Eagle. The topics range from nature to farming, from government to history and literature, all approached with understanding and delivered with a light touch.

The Journey Goes On
By Dave Nimmer

$1.98 (was $9.95)ISBN  0-931714-49-4

More delightful human-interest stories by a former reporter and editor for the Minneapolis Star.

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