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Exploring the Twin Cities with Children
Elizabeth French
ISBN 1-932472-45-2 $13.95 (pb)

Exploring the Twin Cities with Children has sold more than 55,000 copies since the first edition appeared in 1978. The book continues to grow and change, however, as do the Twin Cities. The latest edition contains more than twenty additional pages of detailed information about new museums, community festivals, tours, historic sites, and cultural events.

Literature and the Arts

The Guthrie Theater
Peg Guilfoyle
ISBN 1-932472-39-8 / was $37.95 (hc) now $19.99

Guthrie veteran Peg Guilfoyle has assembled photos from every decade in the Guthrie's history, accompanied by anecdotes from the actors, directors, stage-hands, and designers who worked together to summon that elusive magic through many seasons of laughter, music, and drama.

Tending the Earth,Mending the Spirit :The Healing Gifts of Gardening
Connie Goldman
ISBN 1-932472-46-0 $16.95

Authors Connie Goldman and Richard Mahler explore the ways individuals find comfort, peace, and inspiration in gardening and make it clear that even the simplest gardening tasks can infuse us with energy, awareness, and creativity.

Not So Fast: A Grand Tour of Europe at a Mid-life Pace
1-932472-34-7 / pb
was $16.95 Now $3.98

Writers Phebe Hanson and Joan Pride share a summer of travel together in Europe through journal entries they kept during their trip. The sights are fascinating, but no less touching are their reflections on family, children, religion, and their own long-standing friendship.

Minnesotans in the Movies
Rolf Canton
ISBN 1-932472-41-X $19.95 (pb)

Since the earliest days of motion pictures, actors and actresses with roots in Minnesota have been appearing on the Silver Screen. Here, for the first time, author Rolf Canton share the results of his extensive research on both the famous and the now-largely-forgotten stars who once called Minnesota home.

Walking Briskly Toward the Sunset
Jim Klobuchar
1-932472-37-1 / was $18.95(hc) now 4.98

Retired Star-Tribune columnist and world-traveler Jim Klobuchar has gathered a collection of his recent writings on sports, politics, mountain-climbing, African adventure, senior romance, and his daughter Amy’s lawn-sign campaign.

From Here Across the Bridge
Evelyn Klein
ISB932472-42-8 $17.00 (pb)

Evelyn Klein explores the moods and experiences of her family life, her divorce, and her progress toward a new sense of self in this series of poems, illustrated with stunning woodcuts done by her father, Wolfgang Klein.

She Just Wants
Beverly Rollwagen
ISBN 1-932472-32-0; $14.00 (pb)

“Has anyone taken Freud's exasperated question—“What does a woman want?”—as generously to heart as Beverly Rollwagen? Her linked daisy-chain of responses forms a spirited tour of that enduring conundrum. In her deft considerations, the question is no longer an impertinence but a lavish invitation to delight.” --Patricia Hampl

Why Still Dance : 75 Years, 75 Poems
Phebe Hanson
ISBN 1-932475-05-5  $17.00 (pb)

Phebe Hanson has been writing poems since 1941. Her images are drawn from a childhood in rural Minnesota, her career as a writer and teacher, family life, and the civic and political upheavals of our times. Her wry humor and descriptive elán advance a subtle and penetrating vision, rich in human texture but never obscure.

Stories Teachers Tell
edited by Gretchen Kresl Hassler
with commentary by Jon Hassler
ISBN 1-932472-28-2; $14.00 (pb)

Teachers from around Minnesota share the experiences that make teaching one of our noblest professions. Educators, students, and their parents will all enjoy these touching sketches about humility, motivation, failure and success, and the interactions that take place as adults attempt to pass on their insights to a new generation.

O Clouds, Unfold! Clara Ueland & Her Family
Brenda Ueland
ISBN: 1-932472-02-9 / was $25.00, now 3.98

Brenda Ueland, well-known for her autobiography Me, here turns her attention to the life of her mother Clara, a central figure in the efforts of women to gain the right to vote. We follow the upbringing of Clara's children and enter into the drama of the Suffrage movement, WWI, and other events of the time.

I Trust to be Believed: Speeches & Reflections
Elmer L. Andersen
ISBN 1-932472-07-X / was $17.00, now 2.98

Throughout a life of public service, Elmer L. Andersen brought business acumen, liberal ideals, and civic-mindedness to the task of making Minnesota a better place to live. In this collection of his speeches and more recent comments, the issues range from education to health care, from the environment to welfare reform.

Mountain Upside Down and Other Essays
John Toren
ISBN: 0931714-99-0 / was $16.95, now $2.98

This collection of essays contains meditations on playing cards and Puccini's operas, Greek Islands, Burgundian wineries, flamenco pueblos and Anasazi ruins, the bottom of the Grand Canyon and to out-of-the-way neighborhoods in Chicago.

The Urban Coyote—Howlings on Family, Community,
and the Search for Peace and Quiet

James P. Lenfestey
ISBN: 0-931714-86-9 / was $16.00, now $2.98

Short true stories about birth, graduation, marriage and death in the life of a family and community. One person's perspective on living in a urban neighborhood for 25 years.


Rudy! The People’s Governor
Betty Wilson
was $25.00 (hc) / now 4.98

Rudy Perpich was one of Minnesota’s most flamboyant and well-loved governors. Here seasoned Star-Tribune reporter Betty Wilson tells the story of his childhood on the Range, his rise to prominence in politics and the triumphs and controversies of his three terms as governor.

The Great Dan Patch and the Remarkable Mr. Savage
Tim Brady
ISBN 1-932472-40-1, $25.00 (hc) with DVD

Back when automobiles were a novelty, the sporting world was enthrawled by the exploits of a pacer named Dan Patch, who set a world mark at the Minnesota State Fair that held for more than thirty years. Tim Brady tells the story of the horse and his owner, M. W. Savage, who used the horse's renown to build a stock-food empire.

So Far Away in the World-Stories from the Swedish Twin Cities
Ann Gillespie-Lewis
ISBN: 0-931714-94-X  was $19.95, now 4.98

This collection of stories, photos, and recipes makes an important contribution to a fuller understanding of the Swedish-American community in the Twin Cities, past and present.

Heart and Hard Work-Memories of "Nordeast" Minneapolis
Genny Zak Kieley
ISBN: 0-931714-77-X   $17.95

This capsule-history chronicles the development of Northeast Minneapolis from its earliest days through the 1950s—a time when everyone knew their neighbors and felt safe on the streets after dark.

Pride and Tradition-More Memories of North East Minneapolis
Genny Zak Kieley
ISBN: 0-931714-85-0   $19.95

Keiley's second collection of photos and stories from N E Minneapolis ranges from the days of Pierre Bottineau to interviews with people who grew up there during the 1950s to 1960s.

Roots and Ties-A Scrapbook of Northeast Memories
Genny Zak Kieley
ISBN: 0-931714-95-8   $21.95

Through interviews, photos and research, Keiley explores the tight-knit community in which she was raised, as residents tell the stories of their lives, businesses, schools, and values.

Elmer’s Tour
1-932472-38-X was $9.95, now$ 2.98

Just before his death in 2004, former governor Elmer L. Andersen reminisced about the State Capitol. Star-Tribune columnist Lori Sturdevant collected the remarks and Star-Tribune photographer Richard Sennott took sparkling photos of the rooms and artifacts involved.


Wild Rice for All Seasons Cookbook
Beth Anderson
978-1-1-932472-26-4 / $14.95

This classic, now in its 13th printing, takes us beyond soup and holiday stuffing to an entire new universe of tasty dishes featuring Minnesota’s home-grown grain. Over 150,000 copies now in print.

Great Recipes from Someone Who Loves to Eat:
Garnished with Humor

Margie Zats
ISBN 1-932472-06-1  $12.95 (pb)

This volume reflects a lifetime spent sharing moments of pleasure with others through the medium of food. The recipes have been tested again and again on Margies's students, her catering clients, and her own family.

Sports and Nature

The Vern Mikkensen Story
John Egan

ISBN- 1-932472-43-6 was $19.95 (hc) now $4.98

Vern Mikkelsen, the son of a Danish pastor from tiny Askov, Minnesota, battled huge odds to become a basketball standout in high school and at Hamline University. He went on to score more than 10,000 points in a long career with the Minneapolis Lakers in the National Basketball Association. Author John Egan tells Vern’s story.

Kodiak Kings
Jason Wood

ISBN 1-932472-44-4 $17.95 (pb)

Jason Wood has been photographing Kodiak bears for more than seven years in Alaska. In this book he presents the fruits of his labors, and offers insights into the behavior of this fascinating and occasionally dangerous creature.

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