Nodin Press is proud to represent some of the Midwest's finest poets.

Crossing the Waters
Norita Dittberner-Jax
978-1-935666-98-1 /$17

Norita Dittberner-Jax’s new collection, Crossing the Waters, chronicles the daily triumphs and setbacks, fears and recollections, that arose when her husband, Gene, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Her first response is a shock so deep / the dreaming shut down…” But the poet, adept at exploring the range of emotions from wistfulness and joy to panic and desperation, regains her bearings to capture details of the roller-coaster days and weeks following the diagnosis. Taken out of context, many of the poems could stand alone as reflections of lost love, memories of excursions shared, and praise for a fleeting moment of laughter or glancing sunlight. Yet other details return our attention to our role as witnesses of a loved one’s decline.

Michael Dennis Browne
978-1-947237-00-1 / $16

Michael Dennis Browne has gathered together short poems from every phase of his long career into chapters focusing on childhood, nature, private anxieties and irrationalities, extended family, and other themes variously spacious and personal. Some have the ring of nursery rhymes, others the melancholy lilt of an elegy, the blunt force of an occasional poem by Yeats, or the enigmatic resonance of a  passage from scripture.

little eternities
Sharon Chmielarz
978-1-935666-99-8 / $17

The poet muses on history, memory, language, lost love, and the rain on the roof in this very personal collection. It's chock full of humor and subtle charm, eliciting comparisons to both the brilliant wordplay of Marianne Moore and the subtle metaphysics of Wisława Szymborska.  Humor abounds in poems such as “Size,” which describes the world inhabited by a woman who wears a size 0 dress, and a series of reflections about a Halloween pumpkin containing the line "Humans want their gods to look like them / and lead them through the dark."

The Moment’s Only Moment
Emilie Buchwald
978-1-935666-90-5 / $17

Emilie Buchwald, a lively presence on the literary scene since she cofounded the literary journal Milkweed Chronicle in 1980, reveals another side of her talent in this new collection of poems, which illuminate the everyday, interrogate personal history, and evoke the essence of places traveled and people encountered, remembered, cherished.
Between Us
Margaret Hasse
978-1-935666-91-2 / $17

The themes in Margaret Hasse’s new collection range from European travel to reconnecting with distant friends, from knitting to learning to ride a bike. Always thoughtful, un-labored, fresh, her images stir and occasionally provoke us to share affections and antipathies as they come to life on the printed page.

Stopping for Breath
Norita Dittberner-Jax
978-1-935666-70-7 / $16

The poems are about finding spiritual connection in unlikely places, in a world where suffering and joy contend, and everyday miracles are rare, but precious. It’s a book of coffee shops and jazz, of clear water and often cloudy photos of Mom and Dad.

Jill Breckenridge
978-1-935666-71-4 / $16

This book of poems celebrates our world and those who dwell upon it. Every poem is a love song to the things we often forget to praise, from books to stars, from our earliest ancestors to a colorful garden at a seniors co-op.

Evidence of Rain
Carol Rucks
978-1-935666-69-1 / $16

Carol Rucks has assembled a haunting, occasionally surreal collection traversing the landscape of family, nature, and daily life under an often low-hanging sky, but with more than enough luscious imagery, wit, and insight to leaven the trip.

All This and More - Carol Connolly

$16.00 / 96 pp

Carol Connolly, Saint Paul’s Poet Laureate, is well-known for her zany, ribald voice and her capacity to render the anguish and humor of human relationships. In this new collection she explores the vein she probed in her first volume, Payments Due: Onstage Offstage, and in a series of poetry readings from the Dudley Riggs comedyWhat’s So Funny About Being Female? Her new collection is irreverent, political, poignant—and filled with the insight of a woman who has seen life from many angles.

Between - Morgan Grace Willow

$16.00 / 84 pp

Morgan Grayce Willow’s first full-length poetry collection is a quiet, layered map of shapes and spaces, love and not-love, sound and silence. Some of the poems offer witty and cultured reflections, as when she weaves together Pythagorean algebra and the TV satellite dish on the roof, or draws out the character of an aged Voltaire by examining the planes of his face. Natural history and neighborly concern rub shoulders time and again in this diverse collection.

Book of Fire - Cary Waterman

$16.00 / 96 pp

Cary Waterman writes about travel to Iceland, the myth of Persephone, the luxuriousness of the Minnesota seasons, and the difficult realities of a nation at war. There are poems about childhood, parenting, marriage, and divorce, occasionally dark but also laced with wry humor and tenderness toward life. Waterman has a knack for evoking the beauty and solace of nature, which shines through with special force in the section devoted to a solo driving trip she took around the outer reaches of Iceland.

But You're Wearing a Blue Shirt ... - Lucille Broderson

$17.00 / 88 pp

The veteran poet shares her thoughts on life, love, the passing seasons, and her lifelong attachment to the North Shore of Lake Superior in this collection of poems spanning more than a half-century of creativity. Edited by Michael Dennis Brown.

Cloves & Honey - Athena Kildegaard

$16.00 / 108 pp

This collection came about as the result of the author’s year-long discipline of writing a single love poem every day. The best of these poems, winnowed and reworked but as fresh as the day they were written, have been gathered here into a single volume that tracks the seasons, the various forms love can take, the ebb and flow of domestic affection, and daily interactions with family, friends, and the surrounding countryside, reminding us of the mysterious power of love to heal, enliven, and inspire.

Earth's Appetite - Margaret Hasse

$16.00 / 92 pages

In her fourth collection of poems, award-winning poet Margaret Hasse explores various appetites—for adventure, sex, the outdoors, home, love—from the points of view of parent, child, lover, and friend. She celebrates the “here-and-now heaven of today,” while reminding us of the rich relationships we forge and sometimes lose as our lives unfold. They’re full of wit, sensuality, joy, and heart.

Flying - Beverley Rollwagen

ISBN 978-1-932472-48-6
$14.00 / 84 pp

The author sifts through childhood memories, her years as an airline stewardess, and experiences of later life, including loss and grief, in this second collection of poems and prose poems. Whatever the theme—relationships, childrearing, or skating in the park--we can be sure there will be a flash of insight before the end told in a voice that rings with humor and intelligence. As Natalie Goldberg writes, “The poems are at once funny, poignant, direct and full of unbearable truth…In this second book, Rollwagen continues to fulfill her promise as a totally original voice.”

From Here Across the Bridge - Evelyn Klein

ISBN 1-932472-42-8
$17.00 / 112 pp

Evelyn Klein explores the moods and experiences of family life, her divorce, and her progress toward a new sense of self in this exquisite series of poems, illustrated with stunning woodcuts by her father, Wolfgang Klein.

The Gravity of Flesh - Jill Breckenridge

ISBN 978-932472-81-3
$16.00 / 102 pp

This collection of funny, formally inventive, clear-eyed poems deals with intertwining lives, human and animal, close and far, with a special section depicting the experience of attending the Minnesota State Fair. We see such everyday family concerns as the pet goldfish, making cinnamon applesauce, and attending a powwow at Grand Portage in a new light. The author’s own battle with cancer is a theme of one of the final sections.

Milk and Tides - Margaret Hasse

ISBN 978-1-932472-75-2
$16.00 / 80 pp

In this lyrical collection of poems, Margaret Hasse covers a wide range of experience, from adoption and childrearing to reflections on war, changing seasons, hand-me-down clothes, and forgetting the name of an item needed from a hardware store. Some of the poems are meditative, others are humorous, but they invariably spring from close observation and the deft use of images and expressions to expose the beauty, challenge, and mystery of common life.

The Next Best Thing - Linda Back McKay

$16.00 / 96 pp

Traversing the landscapes of love, time, grief, humanity, and hope, the poems in this book offer a rollicking range of styles and tones from poignant lyricism to mordant prose, from somber honesty to wild speculation. McKay is a wife, mother, grandmother, author, poet, teaching artist, citizen, traveler, floor scrubber, motorcycle enthusiast, old soul and nature lover. (She can tap dance, too.)

Salt Heart - Kate Dayton

$16.00 / 84 pp

Ostensibly a book of poems about sailing, islands, oceans, and, yes, salt, Kate Dayton’s spare, and sometimes almost surreal imagery conjures the tissue of lives that continue in the midst of devastating losses. With a poet’s sensitivity to how language can touch inner and outer worlds simultaneously, Dayton delivers a powerful rendering of experience that’s as elemental as salt itself.

Seasonings - Emilio DeGrazia

$16.00 / 102 pp

Emilio DeGrazia has written poetry of unusual liveliness and penetration throughout his career, and now the best of them have been brought within the covers of a book. Many of them reflect the author's Italian-American heritage, and quite a few offer seemingly spontaneous responses to everyday occurrences—his son's final at-bat at a baseball game, a wedding, a visit to an old folk's home. He can take us in a few lines from “the firmament aswirl with iron-cored galaxies” to “a kitchen sizzling with the fragrance of garlic in olive oil.”

Secret Traffic - Roy McBride

$20.00 / 92 pp with DVD

When Roy McBride died in 2011, Minnesota’s literary world felt the loss. Now the best of Roy’s jazzy, rhythmic poems have been brought together along with a DVD that captures the essence of his engaged, gentle, and emotionally vast spirit. Poems about love, hitchhiking, soul food, and lilacs, appear alongside more political poems about violence and social responsibility.

She Just Wants - Beverley Rollwagen

ISBN 1-932472-32-0
$14.00 / 96 pp

“Has anyone taken Freud's exasperated question— “What does a woman want?”—as generously to heart as Beverly Rollwagen? Her linked daisy-chain of responses forms a spirited tour of that enduring conundrum. In her deft considerations, the question is no longer an impertinence but a lavish invitation to delight.” --Patricia Hampl

What Music Remains - Greg Watson

ISBN: 978-1-935666-21-9
$14.00 / 78 pp

In What Music Remains, Greg Watson chronicles moments of poignancy and loss, and helps readers discover what might be in the next room, transforming the domestic usual into the universal extraordinary. These poems begin in the silence of loss and disappointment, and moves toward music and light—“all that good blonde sunlight spilling / out onto the ground at once.”

Why Still Dance - Phoebe Hanson

ISBN 1-932475-05-5
$17.00 / 96 pp

Phebe Hanson has been writing poems since 1941, both describing and pondering a wide range of personal experience. Her images are drawn from a childhood in rural Minnesota, her career as a writer and teacher, her years raising a family, and her thoughtful participation in the civic and political upheavals of our times. Her wry humor and descriptive elán advance a subtle and penetrating vision, rich in human texture but never obscure.

The Wind Blows, the Ice Breaks:
Poems of Loss and Renewal by Minnesota Poets

edited by Ted Bowman and Elizabeth Bourque Johnson
ISBN: 978-1-935666-00-4
$19.95 / 208 pp

This anthology contains a wide array of poems by Minnesota poets dealing with the experience of personal loss, grief, and recovery. Among the specific themes are divorce, the death of a child, and giving up a child for adoption. The selections also include moving descriptions of healing and the return of high spirits. Among the poets included are Deborah Keenan, Wang Ping, John Berryman, James Wright, and Robert Bly.


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