The Pillsburys of Minnesota

Lori Sturdevant with George Pillsbury
6 x 9, 438 pp (hc)

Pillsbury is a household word in many parts of the world, but in Minnesota it carries a special ring. Here Star Tribune columnist Lori Sturdevant chronicles the family's pioneering role in making Minneapolis the milling capitol of the world. She explores the career of Minnesota governor “Honest John” Pillsbury, Alfred Pillsbury's impact on the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Philip's remarkable success at reviving a moribund milling giant, and George's efforts to fashion a more inclusive Republican Party.

Minnesota Nature Notes

Jim Gilbert
ISBN 932472-68-4
304 pp / full color / $ 27.95

Jim Gilbert, consulting naturalist for WCCO Radio, has gathered his wealth of knowledge about animals, plants, and natural porcesses into the pages of a single remarkable book. He takes us through the Minnesota seasons week by week, sharing observations about temperatures, the agricultural cycle, the arrival of ice on the lakes, and other phenomena. Illustrated with many photographs of local plants, animals, and birds, this handsome book will make a valuable addition to any nature library.

The Seven States of Minnesota

John Toren
ISBN 1-932472-51-7
280 pp / $19.95 (pb)

Revised and updated 2010

In this series of driving tours, complete with maps and photographs, Toren explores Minnesota’s varied and often exotic landscapes, taking us from the roadless splendor of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area to the majestic bluffs of the Mississippi Valley, and from the gaping mines of the Mesabi Iron Range to the quiet allure of the aspen parklands and the Coteau des Prairie, with plenty of insights and observations on the state’s geography, history, and culture along the way.

Knife Island - Circling a Year in a Herring Skiff

Stephen Dahl
$16.00 (pb) 72 pp full color

Stephen Dahl earns a living fishing for Lake Superior herring in an 18-foot skiff. This book records one year of the pre-dawn thoughts, daily tasks, and occasional dramatic events in a life spent on the fringes of the world's largest lake. Gulls and ore boats, waves and ice, and interactions with the fish-smoking shops, restaurants, and other clients on Minnesota's beautiful North Shore, are interspersed with thoughts about nature, the pace of modern life,and the politics of commercial fishing

Green Stamps to Hot Pants
Growing Up in the 50s and 60s

Genny Zak Kieley
$19.95 (pb) 192 pp
ISBN 1-932472-73-8

Intermixing social research and personal nostalgia, Genny Kieley creates a portrait of a simpler era, of ice-cream socials and twice-a-day newspaper delivery, sock hops and doo-wop music, first loves, first heartbreaks, and afternoon parties fueled by 45s. Cars had fins and television had just arrived.

Women's History Tours of the Twin Cities

Gretchen Kreuter
$14.00 (pb) 120 pp
ISBN: 978-1-932472-69-1

In this compact guide—newly revised and updated—Gretchen Kreuter invites us to explore the contributions made by women to the history of the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. It covers pioneers such as Jane Gibbs and Harriet Bishop, and also describes recent contributions made women during the 1970s, 80s, and 90s,when new definitions of “women’s space” arose, transforming our understanding of women’s history and experience.

Heroes Among Us

Peter Heegaard
edited by Lori Sturdevant
$19.95 (pb) 236 pages
ISBN: 978-1-932472-67-7

Peter Heegaard has collected the stories of eleven community leaders active in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area. We learn about their childhood experiences, the hardships they sometimes endured, the support they received from their families and neighborhoods early in life, and their later commitment to improving those social environments. Among the individuals profiled are Hussein Samatar, Brenda St. Germaine, Mike Temali, Laura Waterman Wittstock, Hoang Tran, Atum Azzahir, Sandra Vargas, Richard Ericson, and John Durand.

Jews in Minnesota Politics
The Inside Stories
Robert (Bob) Latz
ISBN 978-1-932472-65-3 $29.95 (hc)

Robert (Bob) Latz profiles leaders in the Minnesota Jewish community —among them Geri Joseph, Arthur Naftalin, Hyman Berman, Rudy Boschwitz, Paul Wellstone and Norman Coleman—who have worked to shape public policy that has affected our state. He also discusses the careers of nationally-prominent Jews with Minnesota roots such as Thomas Friedman, AI Franken, and Norman Ornstein, and explores the role of synagogues and other Jewish community organizations in advancing the cause of social justice.

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